An end of year celebration

2 people sitting with party hats and holding presents. A 3rd person stands behind wearing a hat and holding chocolates.

Participants at the North Road Day Support hub celebrated the end of year with a day of making Christmas hats and gift giving.

Colin, Don and David enjoyed the chance to celebrate and be in the company of friends before our Day Supports program closes over the Christmas break.

Friendship and community are a big part of life. We understand that being around people you like and who make you feel good is important. Our Day Supports program help people find what they like to do and provide the right support and activity to suit their needs.

The North Road group consist of many of our long-term participants who have developed a friendship throughout their time at OC Connections. It is important for them to celebrate milestones, events and each other and our staff are there to facilitate that.

If you’re looking to meet new people with similar interests, wecan help you make and keep those connections.