A partnership to grow our reach

A person looks at the camera as they stand outside a car and lean in to vaccum the seats.

We’re excited to be teaming with Jobsbank to test and scale our blended workforce Eco Car Wash pilot program. By working together with Jobsbank, we can open up opportunities for vulnerable people and support them in reaching their goals through engaging in work.

Now, with the support of Jobsbank, OC Connections Enterprises (OCCE) are getting ready to test an innovative pilot in Melbourne’s west. 

In 2016, OCCE developed a unique carwash service – a waterless system that uses environmentally friendly and biodegradable products. The system gave the OCCE team flexibility to work on site at their customer’s premises, providing a fully mobile fleet cleaning system. 

Jobsbank’s involvement is centred on testing and scaling the operation for expansion statewide, with an aim to create an estimated 200 jobs in the next two years, and a focus on regional areas where employment can be particularly challenging.

We’re always open to collaborating and designing innovative ways to better support people with disabilities, and other vulnerable groups, as well as those supporting them.  Our partnerships are focussed on creating shared value to both parties, while still focussing on best outcomes for the people we support. You can can connect with us to talk about how we can work together by calling us on 9569 0603 or emailing enquiries@occonnections.org