Accommodation Family Forum

OC Connections held our second Family Forum for 2018 on Tuesday 20 March with a focus on Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) for our families and participants.

Our guest presenter, Illowra Projects, provided advice on Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), in particular: participant pathways to SDA funding, community living options for SDA funded participants and SDA ownership options.

Illowra Projects design customised homes to suit individual needs, improve independence and quality of life. They are a registered NDIS provider and work with participants and families to explore the possibility of developing and owning their own SDA. Participants are involved in the design and planning of their new home with Illowra Projects from the beginning and each home is designed with a high level of accessibility.

For more information on Illowra Projects and the services that they provide please visit

Forum’s such as this one held at OC Connections at 773 Warrigal Road, Oakleigh provide a space to share relevant information on important topics for our participant families

Please join us for the next Family Focus Forum on Holiday Planning, featuring representatives from Club Mates Travel and Leisure Options.

Click here to read more to plan for your holiday in your NDIS plan.

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