Work of art

Earlier this month the SASI Art Show & Competition showcased some of OC Connections participants’ artwork at the Frankston Art Centre. This was a creative exhibition of contemporary art to celebrate the outstanding artwork of people with autism and other disabilities.

With the encouragement, support and guidance of Val Rowe, OC Connections Disability Educator, 12 artists from OCC submitted 22 pieces of artwork into the competition. We would also, like to acknowledge all the team who support the artists in the lead up to the completion, as there is ample amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure the artwork arrives on time.

Several families and OC Connections staff were able to attend the exhibition and enjoy some varied, beautiful, challenging and insightful artworks by many artists. Two particular family members exclaimed how proud they felt by seeing their young adult’s work displayed at the exhibition.

The artists exhibiting this year were Ariane, Alison, Anna, Craig, Peter, Kathleen, Joey, Emma, Mandy, Ben, Mark, and Michell.

OC Connections team members are guided by the Co-Achieve model to ensure they support each participant in their goal achievements. The team are always supporting the artists to learn new skills, do new things, decide what they want in life and how to make it happen.

We congratulate all the OC Connections Art Program participants on their magnificent pieces and would like to share them below.