Where to purchase your tree this year

With Christmas just around the corner, this year’s festive season brings with it much hope and opportunity to reconnect with family, friends and the community. 

Buying a tree from our Christmas Tree Fundraiser is an annual tradition for many families, including staff and participants as well as an important fundraising opportunity for OC Connections. OC Connections will not be holding the fundraiser this year. However, if you or someone you know wants to buy a tree or asks for a recommendation, we encourage you to refer them onto Dandenong Christmas Tree, OC Connections long-term supporter, and tree supplier.  The team, headed by Neil and Neale, have continued to support OC Connections throughout the pandemic.

Support such as this contributes to our housing project, providing much needed specialist housing for people with disability in the cities of Monash, Glen Eira and Casey. 

Please support those who support us, by purchasing your tree at the farm – 336 Brown Road, Officer, Victoria 3809 , or online.  Find out more by visiting: 


You can also support OC Connections, or encourage those who wish to continue to support us to spread the Christmas cheer by donating online at: 


Wishing you a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.