Ten years on and residents still call George Street home

The George Street community living house has just celebrated 10 years since they opened in 2011.

Current residents, Peter, Warwick and Ross were part of the original George Street resident group back in 2011.  Others from that group, are now in different OCC houses including Frank who moved to Salisbury Road and Don who moved to Delia Street.

Julie, Team Leader at George Street told us that the dynamics of the house have changed over the years with residents bringing different skills to the household. 

Julie said, residents have developed a sense of belonging and comfort at George Street.  They have their own rooms that they’ve been able to personalise and are a place where they feel safe and secure.  The residents are proud to show visitors their rooms and their collection of belongings that are special to them.

Importantly, the residents have built relationships with each other and each other’s families. They see their household as a place they share with others and where they have respect for each other. They continue to develop their cooperation skills with the support of OCC staff.

The residents have also developed relationships within their local community of Ashwood and Oakleigh having Doctors, Allied Health Professionals and the Pharmacy very close by.

Since 2011 the NDIS has resulted in changes that now allow for more individualised support options, instead of having to share supports.  Residents are now able to pursue their own choices and interests both at home and in the community.

It’s now ten years since George Street opened its doors and staff continue to ensure that residents have choice, that they are treated with respect and that a person-centred support approach is applied that is, they are supported in a way that they would like to be supported.

Images below of current George Street residents.