Support for our artists from The Metropolitan Golf Club

The OC Connections art program is a popular activity within our Day Supports Program and has fostered some talented and prolific artists, under the guidance of our creative support staff: Val, Rose and Michelle.

Over the years the work of our participant artists have featured on our Christmas and gift cards. This year is no different, with a new range of gift cards, for all occasions, featuring the work of 8 OCC artists.

This year, The Metropolitan Golf Club members specifically requested a new range of gift cards be made for their annual fundraising luncheon, held early November. Artwork that was produced during lockdown was selected by our staff and then featured on the front of these blank cards, to be used for any occassion.  All artists were paid for their works and the cards were well received by The Metropolitan members.

The annual fundraising event is organised by the club’s members and is a day of golf playing, gift shopping and lunch.  Members donate gifts to the luncheon stall, including jams, flowers, plants, cakes and biscuits to raise funds.  This year a raffle was also held, with first prize being that of one of OC Connections’ participant’s stunning artwork.

Thank you to participants Craig, Peter, Nico, Mitchell, Julie, Kathleen, Alison, Emily for producing such lovely pieces of work. .

As more of our participants come back on site to Day Supports, we look forward to seeing more artwork for our viewing pleasure.

You can view the artwork below.

Artists’ work: Peter, Peter, Nico, Emily, Julie, Craig, Alison, Kathleen, Mitchell, Alison

a range of 10 cards with illustrations  and paintings of people.