Selling, selling, SOLD!

OC Connections participant and resident artist, Mandy Ebbott recently submitted a mosaic to the SASI Art Exhibition. The SASI Art Show aims to provide a platform for collaboration and inclusion, welcoming all people with a disability, to exhibit.

To Mandy’s surprise, her art piece was selected by the Shire of Dunkley to use as their Christmas card for 2022. A photo of her artwork is featured above. This project took Mandy 3 months to create, and she is very proud and delighted that her work was selected.

Val Rowe, OC Connections Disability Educator, noted that Mandy is a dedicated and a skilled mosaic artist who is surprised every time someone values her work. Thanks to the ongoing support and encouragement from OC Connections Day Support workers, Mandy has been able to create many pieces similar to the one that has been selected by the Shire of Dunkley.

At Mandy’s residence, the walls are decorated with many of her original mosaics. We look forward to seeing what Many will create next!

At OC Connections, we care about what is important to our participants, encouraging the things that inspire and create joy in each individual, just like Mandy and her mosaic art! Our people are here to listen to what matters to you and your life, empowering you to choose what you want, and help you achieve your goals. We offer a place where you will have the support you want to create an enjoyable life, meet new people and do new things.