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Adrian, a Supported Employee at OC Connections Enterprises, has recently achieved his long-term goal! With the encouragement of his sister, Support Coordinator, and carers in his Specialist Disability Accommodation, Adrian booked an amazing trip to Illawarra. The holiday program, facilitated by Clubmates, included an incredible opportunity to ride in a helicopter and visit the largest airshow in the southern hemisphere. Linda, Adrian’s sister, told OC Connections that Adrian has loved airplanes since he was young. Their dad was an aeronautical engineer, which ignited Adrian’s passion for air travel. Whenever a plane flies overhead, Adrian will stop and look up to

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The Spirit of Giving: OC’s Partnership with Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm

For 50 years, Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm has been a loyal supporter of OC Connections. Previous owner Jim Boucher, and his wife Lorna, built the partnership with OC Connections (which at the time was called the Oakleigh Centre) to engage and bolster fundraising efforts in the local community. Neil and Neal (the two Neil’s) purchased Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm in 2000. They had both worked on the farm for many years and carried on the Boucher’s spirit of giving in their own way. Following tradition, they continued to donate their Christmas Trees at wholesale prices for OC Connections’ annual fundraiser.

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Neurodiverse Employment: What does it look like?

For this blog, we will be using “neurodiversity” to describe: – autism– ADHD– intellectual and developmental disorders– Downs Syndrome– and psychiatric disorders Employment is an important part of people’s lives. You get paid for your work, you contribute to the community, and you can make friends. People living with disabilities face barriers to employment, but more and more, they are breaking through. Barriers to working with a disability Adults often ask children: “What do you want to be when you grow up? Children are encouraged to think about work at a very early age. Neurodiverse children and children with disabilities

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Your generosity helps to support people with disability to live the life they choose.