Recognising the achievements of our staff

a collage of 9 people who are OCC staff looking at the camera.
a collage of 9 people who are OCC staff looking at the camera.

We are grateful to our staff for their resilience, innovation, teamwork and a strong commitment to providing a continuity of support to participants through the pandemic. At our Annual General Meeting in October, we celebrated the commitment and service of a range of staff from the various areas of OC Connections.

Serving from 5 years to 20 years, these staff have been recognised for their commitment to OC Connections, their colleagues, participants and the community.

Congratulations to the following OCC staff:

5 years service

  • John Hosking – Day Support
  • Anil Kumar – Community Living
  • Bhavin Gajjar – Community Living
  • Gail James – OCC Enterprises
  • Jane Lanning – Day Support
  • Jarek Frackowiak – ICT
  • Jules Rogers – Administration
  • Tatenda Madizaro – Community Living
  • Whitney Kendall – Community Living

10 years service

  • Graham Furman – Day Support
  • Justin Kansley – Day Support
  • Meredith Annand – Day Support
  • Rose Smpyrakis – Day Support

15 years service

  • Katrina Ponisi – OCC Enterprises

20 years service

At OC Connections, we respect our participants’ right to choose, and we don’t take their choice to use our services for granted. We make sure our programs are as impactful and tailored as they can be, facilitated by understanding, curious and experienced people. Every team and team members’ contribution has an impact felt throughout the whole organisation, and throughout our participants’ experiences with us – because everything we do at OC Connections comes back to supporting our people with disabilities.

Our trained and experienced team have access to best practise professional development and ongoing workplace support and feedback opportunities required to enhance our participants’ quality of life and wellbeing and to build a fulfilling and inspiring career.

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