Priority PCR testing for disabilty workers

National Disabilty Services (NDS) have advised that disability workers identified as COVID-19 positive contacts are now in the Priority 1 group for PCR testing with results to be processed quickly.  

Priority testing applies when a disability worker is a contact (regardless of whether it is a workplace, household, or social contact) or if symptomatic. This priority does not apply to surveillance testing.

Individuals who return a rapid antigen positive test result, who are asymptomatic and cannot identify a known COVID-19 positive contact, should complete a PCR test to confirm the result.

Disability workers should clearly communicate that they are seeking testing as a contact and are in the Priority 1 group when presenting for PCR testing at a testing site. A testing site that has rapid antigen test supplies will provide the worker identified as a contact or symptomatic with rapid antigen tests. The number given will depend on local supply.