Mandatory Vaccines for authorised workers

A person is sitting in a chair, holding their arm which has a bandaid on it to show they have been vaccinated.

Last week Premier Daniel Andrews announced that all workers on the Authorised Worker list will require their first COVID-19 vaccine dose by Friday, 15 October in order to continue working onsite; and will need to be fully vaccinated by 26 November.

You can read the press release here

OC Connections operates an essential service and therefore employees are ‘Authorised Workers’. This requirement includes all OCC staff, including supported employees.

Therefore, all OCC staff and supported employees will be required to have had their first vaccine dose by 15 October and be fully vaccinated by 26 November. The only exception to this is if staff have a medical exception. Evidence of this exception must be provided from a Medical Practitioner.

Vaccination remains our best protection and as we begin to move out of lockdown, with authorised workers in some sectors currently moving around Victoria to provide essential services, it’s vital these workers get vaccinated to protect themselves, their families and the wider Victorian population.

OC Connections is currently working with our staff to assist in ensuring they become vaccinated within the mandated deadlines.  Currently, 73% of our staff are fully vaccinated and 86% have received their first dose.

Throughout this year OC Connections has been committed to helping our community make an informed decision about becoming vaccinated, through information sessions, the sharing of research and vaccination information.

We are also committed to keep our community safe, through the advocacy of vaccination. As part of this commitment, we have provided onsite vaccination opportunities for our staff.  We are proud of the effort that we have put in to ensuring that we can provide a safe environment to support our most vulnerable.

With the deadline of 15 October only a short time away, OC Connections is committed to ensuring that our staff are assisted in meeting this deadline so that participants and their families can be confident in the support they receive from us.

If you have any questions in regard to the State Government directive around mandated vaccines, please contact us on 9569 0603 or email