Getting out in the community

A person standing outside, with a garden and building behind, looks into the camer. They are wearing a backpack.

We’re looking forward to getting back out into the community! As the latest wave of COVID infections starts to ease, we’re planning to bring back more participants on site and to support participants to get back into the community.

Staff are currently working with participants and families about the return to our day support activities.

As we continue to navigate our way through the pandemic, the safety of our staff and participants are at the forefront of everything we do. This may mean that we seem slow to get back to normal, but that’s only because we are ensuring that all risk assessments are undertaken and that everything we do follows COVIDsafe guidelines.

Our staff will continue to ensure infection control procedures remain in place.  Participants will be able to go into the community to areas where there is a low density of people and on off peak public transport, which we we are confident will be less risk with reduced COVID infections in the community.  Wherever possible we will be assisting participants to wear a mask to keep them safe.

On site, staff who can work from home, will continue to do so, as per the Victorian Government request on 5 February, 2022 and we will be continuing to following infection control guidelines, including the wearing of masks, PPE, following density requirements and maintaining our operation bubbles.

Our staff have been working under immense pressures to ensure the safety of participants and the continued operations of our business, which we are all very appreciative of. There is nothing that they would like more than to support participants to do what they really would like to do and facilitate a meaningful and enjoyable life.

Participants, like Lana, are looking forward to getting out in the community. Before the pandemic, Lana was taking part in shopping trips, travel training and exploring Melbourne. We are supporting her to do this again.

Thank you to the people we support, their families and our staff for your patience and for working with us during this challenging time. The current climate will continue to challenge, but by working together, we can ensure that participants are able to reach their goals while feeling safe and secure.

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