Christmas in July at Dealing

Last Sunday, residents of Dealing Drive celebrated Christmas in July. Everyone thought it would be a fun distraction for residents given the extra time they have at home due to the new COVID-19 restrictions.

It was truly like Christmas with the staff busily wrapping presents until midnight the night before.

As always, the fun was in the preparation, with residents helping to decorate the house including making a fireplace with boxes they had painted. (See first image below).

On the day, the dining table was decorated beautifully, and everybody dressed up especially for the occasion. The highlight of the day though was the lovingly prepared and delicious three-course
lunch. A pumpkin soup entree was followed by roast pork, homemade apple sauce, roast potatoes and cauliflower and cheese sauce. To top it off, they enjoyed a delicious arrangement of deserts.

MasterChef eat your heart out!

Roger was Santa for the day and distributed gifts to the household.
It’s safe to say that Julie’s charismatic cat, Archie, was pretty happy to be included in the festivities.

He wore a cute Christmas collar and even received a gift from Santa too!