An empowering partnership

OC Connections participant Carolyn and her support worker Nicole have formed a strong connection over the past few months through shared interests and hobbies. Both Carolyn and Nicole share a love for the arts and natural therapies. This has enabled Carolyn to spend more time doing the things she loves.

Carolyn has enjoyed broadening her knowledge of aromatherapy with Nicole who is a certified yoga teacher and aromatherapist. She has enjoyed testing out new essential oils with Nicole and using them at home. Carolyn has also been able to extend her yoga and meditation skills, learning new skills such as chair yoga.

Carolyn is legally blind but loves to have books read to her and she and Nicole have recently finished reading a book about the history of OC Connections, provided by Carolyn’s mother. Carolyn also enjoys their trips to the library to choose new reading material to read together which is a great opportunity to extend her independence.

One of Carolyn’s goals is to regularly attend musicals or concerts. An exciting goal that she is looking forward to achieving in September is to attend a performance of The Little Mermaid, in concert with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at Hamer Hall. Both Carolyn and Nicole love musicals so we expect they will have an amazing time. Look out for a follow-up story about their afternoon with the MSO.