4th COVID-19 dose recommended for people over 50 years and vulnerable members of the community

Two gloved hands hold a needle in an arm.

ATAGI has recommended an additional COVID-19 booster, or fourth dose, for people at increased risk of severe illness, to be given 3 months after their first booster dose.

This additional booster will be a fifth dose for people who are severely immunocompromised, have an underlying medical condition or disability.

You should get a fourth dose if your are:

  • 50 years or older
  • a resident of an aged care or disability care facility
  • severely immunocompromised (this will be a fifth dose)
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and aged 50 years and older
  • 16 years or older and with a medical condition that increases the risk of severe COVID-19 illness (see the table below for expanded groups)
  • 16 years or older with disability with significant or complex health needs or multiple comorbidities which increase risk of poor outcome.

ATAGI has also advised people aged 30 to 49 years old can receive a fourth dose if they choose.

Vaccines can be booked three months after your last vaccine dose or COVID-19 infection.

Bookings can be made at the link below: