Opportunities for Volunteers

Current volunteering vacancies can be viewed on SEEK



OC Connections is fortunate to be supported by a large team of dedicated volunteers who provide valuable assistance to staff and participants.

We are grateful to our volunteers who give their time so generously to support our participants. While our volunteers come from all walks of life and perform different roles, there is a common purpose and understanding to their work – and that is to help make a difference to the lives of others.

At OC Connections, our volunteer roles include:

  • Supporting participants in day activity programs such as art, craft, photography, sport and computers
  • Community Friend – share a hobby or enjoy outings together
  • Handyman – carrying out maintenance, gardening and/or handyman jobs at community homes
  • Assisting at recreational activities such as holidays, sporting events, concerts, the weekly disco or lunch outings
  • Fundraising support at the annual charity golf day and Christmas Tree Festival
  • Sharing professional skills (eg: assistance with databases or specialised spreadsheets, computer skills)
  • Working in OC Connections’ opportunity shops at Hughesdale and Huntingdale
  • Joining the organisation’s Corporate Volunteer Program to work alongside supported employees to share skills and assist in team building exercises.


Volunteer today

We are always looking for volunteers to join our committed team. If you are interested in volunteering with us please contact our Volunteer Coordinator on (03) 9569 0603 or complete the form below.

How we support Volunteers

Celebrating and recognising the value of volunteers is essential to OC Connections. The valued people who give so generously of their time and talents are vital to the difference we can make to the lives of so many who participate in our services and programs.

As an OC Connections volunteer, you will be:

  • Provided an orientation to volunteering at OC Connections
  • Given a role description and provided with a comprehensive guide to volunteering with us
  • Invited to special recognition and annual events that acknowledge and celebrate our volunteers
  • Asked for feedback about our programs
  • Offered opportunity for personal and professional development
  • Acknowledging your time and support



Why Volunteer?

  • Share skills and experience
  • Develop new skills
  • Meet new people
  • Have fun
  • Support your community
  • Try something different
  • Stay involved and active

Why I volunteer…

"I volunteer because I want to. I get a great deal of satisfaction from meeting new people and working to support others in any way I can. I don't think people should retire - just change the direction of their lives. Volunteering did this for me." David Hawkes – volunteer

"It has expanded my horizons and given me a sense of achievement and satisfaction." Noel Ebery - volunteer