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An OC Connections good news story during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Vassie is a participant at OC Connections (OCC). She uses OCC Support Coordination and Day Support services. She has worked at OC Connections Enterprises (OCCE) previously as a supported employee.

About Vassie

Vassie has made the most of her supports, including existing ones during the COVID-19 pandemic. She requested that her supports be delivered online where possible including art therapy, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Initially, the adjustment to isolation was overwhelming, but she identified the importance of accountability.

Vassie's Support Coordinator suggested using a Support Worker for an hour in the mornings (for a video call check-in) and hang out on the mornings she didn't have any allied health appointments booked.

She independently engaged with Grow 12 step mental wellness programs as well as church services, bible studies and Christian meditations. She has taken on a leadership role as a recorder, responsible for maintaining the attendance record and leading the evaluation process at the end of the meeting.

Vassie is writing an essay for Grow Victoria and Tasmania, a mental health wellness program, who have asked for participant responses. She will also be presenting to students studying disability and aged care, utilising her lived experience with disability and mental health. She has created a google slide presentation with voice overs.

She is passionate about making the most of being in home isolation. She sees the importance of having a balanced day so likes to include exercise, Zoom calls with friends, using Facebook messenger and House Party games.

What is especially important to Vassie, is sharing her ideas with others, and helping to make the most of this challenging time.

Vassie offered to write an article for our community. She hopes that you’ll be able to take away a couple of ideas from her list below! - Gather a friend or two (or more) and play online using the secure, private room function. Find out more here. 

House Party - An American application for video calls and games including a favourite of mine called ‘Chips and Guacamole’ where there is a designated theme, and people play a card that best links to that theme. One person is designated as a judge to select one of the played cards. If your card is selected, you get the point. The first person to 5 points wins. See Apple App Store or Google Apps for application download.

Go on a virtual walk - A friend and I call each other at a set time and go for a walk in our neighbourhood while talking on our mobile phones using headsets.

Complete a 3D puzzle

Complete half-finished art projects

Cook a yummy hot lunch for your Mum and have it ready for her!

Watch a DVD

Join a church community for worship and fellowship online.

Check out an online gym class (local classes seem to have some good ones for older adults and people with disabilities. These may be called activate).

Check-in with your existing NDIS supports as many therapies and supports can be delivered by phone and or online.

Look into your consumables funding - it may be able to be used for therapy support equipment. In Vassie's case, she was able to use this funding to purchase a BOSU ball to work on her core strength and balance.

OC Connections would like to thank Vassie for taking the time to write an informative article for the OC Connections community.

OC Connections can assist you with Support Coordination

  • OC Connections Support Coordinators will connect you with NDIS Providers.
  • We can have online meetings to discuss your needs and how we can work together to implement your plan.
  • We are participant focused and we will work with you to find the right provider, and manage any issues that may arise as you implement your NDIS plan.
  • We aim to ensure we work with you to build your ability and confidence to manage and coordinate your services.
  • Immediate capacity is available. Contact OC Connections to discuss your requirements on
    (03) 9569 0603.

Watch our short video here. 


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