The Lion King Movie 2019

I saw the latest Lion King movie with Dad and Luke in August. It was a live action remake of the original 1994 Lion King film. It was very good and the music was excellent.

The opening at the beginning with the song Circle of Life was excellent.  Scar in this movie is much more brutal than in the original film.

Near the end of the movie the fight is more confronting between Scar and Simba I thought. Chiwetel Ejifor was Scar and he brought a more Evil side to Scar than ever before.

James Earl Jones reprises his role as Mufasa as he did in the original film 25 years ago. His voice is amazing and he does it so well.

Donald Glover was Simba and he was very good.  Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner were Pumbaa and Timon.  Beyoncé Knowles was Nala and she was very impressive as her singing was just beautiful.

I give the movie an 8 out of 10.


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