Sandra (Employee at OCCE)

"The environment and atmosphere at OCC Enterprises is great. The staff are helpful and supportive; they understand the needs of each person with a disability and try their best to provide individual support for them. Things are explained in detail and we get support every step of the way. There should be more places like OCCE in our community that support people with a disability and more importantly promote independence."

Basil (Employee at OCCE)

"It’s a fun place to work, all my friends are here, it feels like home. I have learnt all the machines and enjoy moving around the factory doing different work."

Rhoda (Parent of OCCE employee) 

"OCC Enterprises gives really good support to employees at work and for the work the employees do. The employees are further supported with personal problems as well, even when it is not related to work. My son is always assured to see his supervisor if he has a problem so he can get support.

In the past (prior to his employment at OCCE) he was a different person. I have noticed a change in his behaviour he is not short or sarcastic now (he mirrors behaviour that he sees) and obviously he is more positive now because of the positive support he receives from all the staff at work.

We think highly of OCCE- and we tell our friends and family this is the best part of Derek's routine because it has helped him immensely. "

Tracy (Employee at OCCE)

"I like the work and the way we have jokes and fun in the factory. When you come into the factory you feel confident that you can be trusted to work on your own and at your own pace, it has a nice atmosphere."

Carmelo (Employee at OCCE)

"I love coming to work and learning how to do different jobs, when I move around the workplace I make new friends."

Joelie (Parent of OCCE employee) 

"I just wanted to express my gratitude regarding the job opportunity given to Jean PaulHe is enjoying going to work every day of the week and feels that he is part of something, part of a community, and this makes him feel good about himself. He also enjoys the fact that he can come forward to you knowing that he will be guided in having the best support to overcome whatever issues might arise.

I feel that the working environment must be one where he feels comfortable enough as being around a lot of people is normally a big challenge for him.The fact that he is showing up for work every day says how much this job means to him! I believe that OCC Enterprises is the right place for him because you are giving him confidence and a sense of purpose.

As his mum, who have had to deal with his "difference" since he was a kid, I know how hard it can be to deal with someone with disabilities - now you are dealing with so many that I can only acknowledge your skills, patience and devotion.

This job has changed my life too as Jean Paul is more independent and less reliable on me, which gives me some respiteI am extremely appreciative of what positive impact OCC Enterprises has brought in our lives and wish you and all the staff good continuation. "

Ravi  (Parent of OCCE Employee) 

"OCC Enterprises have employed my son for over a year now. He has never been happier working at place. He gets up, organises himself, and goes to work because he enjoys working there. He has friends that he socialises with. He has been able to be more independent since working at OCCE. We are grateful for the opportunity given to him. "