Jack W is pursuing his dream to gain meaningful employment in sports administration and at age 25 he has done all the right things to achieve this goal but there’s still some work to do.

Every grand destination starts with a journey, this is Jack’s journey.

“I like working, it gives me purpose”

Jack’s career at 25, has progressed by leaps and bounds since coming to OC Connections in 2014 after TAFE.  After completing a Certificate I in Work Education to prepare for the workforce he transitioned into an administrative role at Department of Defence, where he’s responsible for the mail run, document sorting, scanning and shredding.

Jack’s wages currently enable him to contribute to rent but in the future, he hopes to gain full-time employment in the community so he can save for a holiday overseas. Jack’s current work is helping him build the skills and experiences required to pursue his life-long dream of working full time in sports administration.

Jack’s passion and knowledge of sport combined with his administration skills and experiences to-date support his drive to achieve his lifelong goal of gaining full-time employment in sports administration. When he’s not pursuing his career, he’s playing a fierce game of wheelchair rugby for Powerhouse or sipping a cuppa while watching a 5 am live telecast of the English Premier League like a true aficionado.



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