Jay’s kicking goals

Life goals and aspirations provide focus, help measure progress and maintain motivation. They are especially important when working with participants at OC Connections. Goals and aspirations are the basis of a participant’s NDIS plan and help provide a framework for which activities a participant chooses.

Day Support participant Jay has identified increasing his social connections and work experience as two important goals. To work towards these goals, Jay signed up to the work experience activity as part of his day support program at OC Connections.

Every Tuesday morning Jay, along with six other participants, makes his way to OC Connections Enterprises in South Oakleigh for a half day of work experience. On arrival, participants are required to sign themselves in, put on a safety vest and then undertake an assigned work task alongside supported employees.

The aim of the activity is to assist participants to build confidence, develop their social skills, and gain work ready skills. Jay has taken on the challenge with eagerness and diligence. On meeting him at OCCE on the morning of work he introduces himself with confidence and is excited to be there. He is the self-appointed supervisor, making sure his fellow participants check-in and ensure they have their safety vest on.  This leadership is also evident on the work floor, where he works hard to get the job done while assisting other participants to make sure they are following instructions.

One of Jay’s supporters commented on the experience that the program provides.

Jay looks forward to every Tuesday morning when he goes to OCCE. In the afternoon he is excited to tell us what he has done and shows us photos while demonstrating his work for the day.

The work not only keeps Jay active, it allows him to socialise with people outside of the day support program.  “Jay has many friends at OC Connections Enterprises that he knows through day supports but he has also met new friends while here. He is very social,” says Graham, coordinator of the work experience program.

As Jay walks into the workroom, he is greeted by friends and makes arrangements to catch up at the next disco before he goes back to the job at hand, a positive step towards reaching his goals.