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The Paper Pal

Scotch College student, Lachlan Kemp, recently embarked on a challenging school project for his Design and Technology class which resulted in the invention of a new assistive-technology tool designed to enable people with a disability to work more independently.

We are proud to promote this inspiring story and wish to thank Lachlan for his insight, passion and dedication in the design and production of “The Paper Pal”.

Please enjoy this short movie featuring the launch of The Paper Pal at OC Connections.

A word from Lachlan…

I found a need in a local organisation for a product which would optimise the operations of a paper preparation and delivery activity. I designed and manufactured the product as well as creating a folio for the task. The project was very successful and has improved the lives of the intellectually disabled people who participate in the activity empowering them to work independently.

Why was it built?
The end users finds it very difficult to hold a newspaper they have just rolled tight in one hand, while trying to pull a rubber band over the end with one hand. My product enables the participants of the paper preparation program to have two hands free to put a rubber band over the end. Hence making the activity more efficient, easier and avoiding the frustration that previously came with the activity.

How does it work?
Once the newspaper/magazine is rolled it is placed into the tubes on the top side of the product which holds it tight so it does not unravel. Then a rubber band can be easily be placed over the product with two hands, and the newspaper removed.

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