When you enter the art room at OC Connections (OCC), you are greeted by beautiful art and warm hellos. Participants are chatting happily while they sit around the tables, finishing one piece or starting on another. The room is buzzing with pride and confidence from people who have decisively chosen what they want to express and how they want to express it.

Welcome to our art classes, supported by artist Val Rowe, these classes form part of the large schedule of activities at OCC. Each participant works at their own pace, in their own style in a light-filled artistic space that encourages each to explore individual artistic expression. Drawing inspiration from our art library or their imagination, participants discover the rich textures of a variety of media, including pencil, paint, pastel and mosaics to create a portfolio of work.

Celebrating the great pride and sense of accomplishment each participant feels in completing various works, many pieces are mounted, framed and displayed for friends and family to view, or if desired, offered for sale in the community.

Here, we present the works of three of our participant artists, for sale.

Profits made from the sale of artwork are the artist’s.

You can see most of these works of art on show at our Mount Waverley Community Centre Art Exhibition from 12 - 24 December, 2018.

The Artists