New Jersey nights

New Jersey Nights

Mum and I went to see New Jersey Nights on Monday Night at the Comedy Theatre and we loved it. They sang the music of the Four Seasons. There were four male singers. They were terrific and very talented.

One of the songs included was ”Walk Like a Man”, which was sung so well. Also other well-done songs included ”Sherry”, as well as ”Big Girls Don’t Cry”. Also ”Working my way back to you”, ”My Eyes Adored You”, which was terrific, ”Can’t take my eyes off you”, ”Oh’ What a Night”, and ”Who Loves You”.

There were three Ladies who performed songs like the Ronettes ”Be my Baby”, and the Crystals “Da Doo Ron Ron”. Both of those songs were performed so wonderfully. Also, there were dancers and the band were terrific as well.

I loved the show and I thought that everyone was fantastic in it.

I give the rating of the show:

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