Neighbours Tour

An article from the desk of the author, Aidan McC.

Aidan's Neighbours TourOn a sunny Sunday in October this year, Aidan and his mother Jen attended a tour of the Channel 10 show Neighbours. The tour included various TV sets and Pin Oak Court, known as “Ramsay Street”. The whole event was a well-received 21st birthday gift from his family. Both Aidan and Jen had a wonderful time and thoroughly recommend to all Neighbours fans.

Yesterday Mum and I went on the Neighbours Tour and it was interesting.

Aidan's Neighbours TourIt was a lot of fun and I got a lot of information about Neighbours. I looked around the sets at the studio and I recognized some of the places.

We also went to the Pin Oak Court which is Ramsay Street in Neighbours and looked at the houses. I told Mum information about Neighbours after the tour at home.

Written by Aidan McC

Aidan's Neighbours Tour“Aidan started watching Neighbours about 18 months ago and has grown attached to the characters and plots ever since. He likes to know what will happen in the coming episodes and with the help of weekly online spoilers, he gathers information and types up reports. He shared these reports with his mum after they returned excited from the tour.” Jen (Aidan’s Mum)


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