What is NDIS?

It is the National Disability Insurance Scheme – a new way of supporting people with a permanent and significant disability. You may be eligible for the NDIS scheme if you are under 65 and your disability affects your ability to take part in everyday activities.

How is NDIS different?

With NDIS, the funding is allocated to individuals, not organisations. You will have an individual budget and be able to choose how, when and where you receive your supports and services. You can decide who will manage the funding. The scheme is managed across Australia by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).
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What can NDIS offer me?

  • NDIS can only fund supports that are related to your disability. The types of support that may be funded include:
  • Daily personal activities
  • Supports to take part in community, social, economic and daily life activities
  • Support to get or keep employment in open or supported employment
  • Therapeutic supports
  • Help with household tasks
  • Home modifications
  • Mobility equipment
  • Vehicle modifications

Am I eligible?

To check your eligibility, go to the NDIS Access Checklist  or ring 1800 800 110

When can I start?

NDIS has been launched in the Barwon area and will be progressively rolled out across Victoria from July 2016. Until NDIS is rolled out to where you live, your existing funded services will continue

If I qualify, what next?

Once NDIS confirms you are eligible, a planner will talk to you and help put together a plan specifically to suit your needs. They will talk about what you want to do to achieve your goals, supports you now have and what else you may need. Once your plan is approved, you can choose how, when and where you receive your services.

Who manages my funding?

  • There are a number of options:
  • You manage the funding yourself
  • Someone else manages the funding for you – a ‘plan’ nominee
  • National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)
  • Combination of the above

What is OC Connections doing to prepare for NDIS?

Inspiring Outcomes plan to continue serving and supporting our clients when NDIS is rolled out across Victoria. We are getting NDIS ready to ensure we meet the requirements to be a registered provider with the National Disability Insurance Agency (which manages NDIS).

Is OC Connections quality accredited?

Yes. We meet all the quality requirements under the Department of Human Services Standards and the Disability Employment Standards.

Can I keep my current services
(e.g. continue with OC Connections?)

Yes, you can if they are consistent with the rules that NDIA must operate within. Your NDIS planner will work with you to ensure a smooth transition with any changes that may arise or that you choose.

What if I am an existing client but am not eligible for NDIS?

If you do not qualify, the state and federal governments have agreed you will not be disadvantaged and will be able to access the same level of supports you already have. The governments are finalising how this will work.

What services does OC Connections offer?

  • Connections (day programs)
  • Supported accommodation
  • Supported employment
  • Recreation programs

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NDIS Planning
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Can I start planning before NDIS is rolled out to where I live?

Yes, we offer pre-planning services where we meet with you and the people you wish to help with the planning. We can discuss what is important to you and help prepare you for the meeting with the NDIS planner. The pre-planning will provide you with confidence and knowledge for the NDIA planning meeting.

If I have more questions, who can I contact at OC Connections?

You can speak to our staff, email us or ring 9564 0604

You can also ring NDIS on 1800 800 110 or go to the NDIS website 

Where can I get a copy of the NDIS Planning Workbook?

The workbook is available in a number of versions, including different languages.

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