NDIS and the Election

As you may know, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has now called the Federal election for 18 May.

National Disability Service’s “Deliver the Promise” election campaign, to get the NDIS on track, is now in full swing. As part of the campaign, they published a letter to members and a five-priority election platform.

Our five priorities for this campaign are:

1. We need a new independent pricing body set up by July this year.

2. The focus on the NDIS needs to be on people, not internal government processes.

3. We need to overhaul the way NDIS plans are developed.

4. We need proper safeguards from the risk of market failure in the sector..

5. We need a greater focus on employment and workforce development.

To find more information on our campaign, visit the Deliver the Promise campaign website or refer to our Messaging Guide for a summary of the campaign and how to support it: PDF | Word

NDS would like to encourage the community to use these materials and to contact your local members of parliament and candidates in this federal election – including the key messages – to make sure the NDIS gets on track and people with disability get the best support, from a sustainable and healthy disability sector.

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