Packing, Assembly and Light Manufacturing

Our 2000m2 multi-purpose Oakleigh South premises, combined with over 100 experienced and flexible staff, enables us to deliver your packing, assembly and light manufacturing projects – large or small – on time and on budget.

OC Connections take pride in the packing, assembly and light manufacturing on site at our South Oakleigh site; treating each job with care and attention to detail.  

We offer a wide range of services in this area, from specialty wrapping to assembly and merchandising, as well as labelling and reworking. We have several specialty machines for blister, skin, and shrink packaging that will help achieve a tailored package that best fits your products.  

Our team of supported employees have been trained by specialist trainers and are supported to deliver high quality outcomes on time and budget.

We offer the following services, which you can read more about below:

Blister pack 

Specialising in attention to detail, our team can assemble and blister pack your product with precision to ensure a tight and secure seal. Our blister and clam shell packing provides excellent, strong and secure, store ready product presentation. 

“We are proud to have been associated with OCCE since 2006. They continue to be an important business partner, packing our products that are essential to supply chain’s across Australia. Quality is one of Timken’s core values and OCCE has always met our level of expectation. Support & communication is efficient. Looking forward to years to come.”

A person wearing high vis in front of a machine. two more people behind sorting through a box

skin pack

Our skin packing service provides an effective way to showcase your product whilst also protecting it from damage. We can organise the printing of personalised branded backing cards with logos and product information as well as the correct cutting dies to provide a professional finish to your packaging.  Skin packing is suitable for a range of products from hardware to cosmetics. 

“OC Connections Enterprises is one of our best vendors considering on time delivery, accuracy and customer service. We hope to continue expanding business opportunities with the OCCE team.”


shrink wrap

Shrink-wrapping provides an opportunity to securely seal one or multiple products together by using shrink film or shrink sleeves. Our shrink-wrapping service ensures your product will be safe from damage, will have an extended shelf life and will provide protection from tampering. 

At OC Connections Enterprises we can offer shrink wrapping solutions to suit products of various sizes by using shrink film up to 550mm wide and in 19- & 25-micron thickness & shrink sleeves cut to order.

“Schaffer & Co have been using the services of OCCE for over 20 years. The company provides a very important function to our business in offering a tailored contract packing service. They provide a cost effective service, it means we don’t have the worry of managing extra staff and since they do work for so many different companies, every job has a very clear work schedule. I would have no hesitation in recommending any company to consider the services as they are a strongly managed business with clear corporate and ethical values.”

A packing supported employee stands at a shrink wrap machine next to his support worker

assembly & packing

The team at OCCE are experts in assembling components for both continued and promotional product lines. With strong attention to detail our team can ensure your products are assembled and packed with precision. With proven assembly and packing experience spanning from the automotive industry, to arts and crafts, to health and beauty and everything in between we gladly welcome new projects.  

“The processing of our requirements is at times complicated but OCCE manage this with a minimum of fuss, keeping the standard very high and meeting time frames. We have open dialogue and clear communications at all levels which makes for a successful B2B relationship.”


retail display units

Prepacking your retail display stands can save time and money. At OCCE we understand that ensuring that your merchandising displays are executed correctly can be challenge as retail store staff do not have the time and expertise, additionally hiring merchandisers to do this in store can be cost and time prohibitive. 

The team at OCCE have experience in building, packing, and distributing retail display units including RFQ, POS and shelf ready units. With proven attention to detail and pride taken in the work we do we can ensure that your brand will be presented perfectly! 

“OCC Enterprises have provided excellent and professional service namely in pre-packing of retail displays. We regularly place in the order of 1000- 2000 displays in the market each year; and we are extremely proud that this work supports employment for people with a disability . OCC Enterprises have consistently committed to our deadlines with a friendly, positive attitude and always providing a prompt response to our queries. Their willingness to meet our requirements is much appreciated as it means there is one less factor to stress about during our busiest time of year.  I can confidently recommend OCC enterprises as a reliable, collaborative and highly competitive supplier.”

A person pushing a trolley with yellow items in a yellow display unit


Our team can assist with both filling and heat sealing your products. Using weigh counting technology we can ensure pinpoint accuracy. We have the capability and experience to heat seal up to 400mm width and band seal your products too. We are fortunate to have the accessibility and resources to heat seal plastic bags and lay flat tubing up to 150 microns thick. 

“OC are a great fit for our business, they are efficient, they are helpful and they care about what they do.
And we care about them – drivers, packers, managers, admin – we enjoy all our interactions. 
It’s a special relationship and we encourage others to join in and share the experience”



Once the packaging is complete, we have the tools to print and verify both labels and barcodes. Our team are experienced in creating, printing and applying these labels and barcode on a huge range of products.  If you need a fast turnaround service to assist with rework our team are happy to assist in ensuring your products are packed, labelled and barcoded to perfection. 

“OCC Enterprises’ dedication and professionalism in ensuring our product is packed to a high standard is the reason we continue to support the team that creates emplyment for people with a disability. We highly recommend them tog et the job done.”




The OCCE team are experienced in using header card and bagging techniques to ensure products are both secure and look professional. At OCCE we can bag your products by using lay flat tubing up to 300mm wide and from 50 – 150 microns in thickness. 

“OCC Enterprises are one of our most valued suppliers.  Before coming to OCCE, we had not packaged product in Australia.  Without their input this project would have taken many more months to complete. OCCE has shown us ways to improve the look/quality of our packaging as well as keeping our costs in budget.
The finish of the packaging is excellent.  They are professional and pay attention to details.  You cannot ask for more.



The team at OCCE are here to assist with bulk packing, collating and distributing your conference event and sample packs. We have the ability to work to tight timeframes whilst ensuring quality remains at an exceptional level.

“The team are incredibly reliable, delivering on time with quality results. We like the personal approach they take with all of their work, never compromising accuracy and consistency no matter how small or large the job at hand is.  We look forward to continuing our great working relationship in the future.”



Phillip is a representative on OC Connections’ Staff Consultative Committee. He works in the skin pack (sealed plastic) section in the packing enterprise of OCC Enterprises as a supported employee.

A person wearing a high vis vest and glasses


OCCE’s packing team have been working with Tinta Crayons, packaging their environmentally and child safe crayons for distribution.  The crayons have been included in the Victorian Government Kinder Kit as a child friendly and safe option.


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