Car Wash

As part of its community-based employment options, OC Connections Enterprises offers a mobile car wash service to businesses and the wider community. Supported employees enjoy working outdoors with the opportunity for a changing and less structured work day.

Our mobile car wash service, which operates every day, has contracts with the City of Kingston, The Department of Health and Human Services, City of Casey and Melbourne’s Cheapest Cars and is continually working to broaden its customer base.

All wash/cleaning products are environmentally friendly and bio-degradable. We use an innovative cleaning system uses less than half a litre of water to wash an average size car (including wheels and windows), while high quality microfiber cloths offer a streak-free result with no risk of damage or scratches.


For more information about OC Connections Enterprises, please complete the enquiry form on the left or call (03) 9575 4200.

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