During these sessions, participants undertake a variety of tasks from simple to complex constructions and work on puzzles tailored to specific abilities. People are encouraged to try various puzzle and building strategies that assists with vital problem-solving skills, interpreting and following plans and focusing concentration.

OC Connections offers a large range of puzzles from 60 to 1000-piece sets and has boards to store them on so they can be worked on over time. This way, there is no pressure to work to a time-frame, but rather to use the experience as therapeutic and relaxing.

We also incorporate Lego into this activity to encourage imagination and offer designs to copy that require patience and team work to assemble.

Session Times

Friday afternoon


No fee for participants of OC Connections programs.
For those people who are not currently participants of OC Connections and wish to enquire about our services please enquire using the button top left or calling (03) 9569 0603 between 8.30am - 5pm Mon-Fri.