Attending Day Support

People wanting to attend OC Connections’ Day Support program must be aged 18 years or over, have a disability and be registered with the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS). People may be accepted through the Futures for Young Adults funding program or with an Individual Support Package (ISP). There are also opportunities for people to attend sessions on a fee-for-service basis.

Once someone starts at OC Connections they will have an ongoing placement in line with their funding package and individualised support plan. The placement will be reviewed if the participant or family/carer on their behalf, requests a change to this plan.

If a participant’s needs change to the degree that we are unable to provide a service that is effective and/or safe for the individual, other participants or staff then the placement may be reviewed. If this situation arises, all avenues such as Case Management, referral to behaviour support services or other appropriate professional assistance will be sought before discontinuing the placement. Families/carers will be involved in the process and kept informed at all times. Referral to a more appropriate service will also occur wherever appropriate.


Participants travel to and from OC Connections by private transport, taxis or one of our buses. Travel by bus may be available for OC Connections’ participants and is dependent on available seating and locality. Transport to and from community activities is provided by OC Connections from 773b Warrigal Road Oakleigh (see map below).

Assistant Managers organise the bus runs and deal with any other transport issues so please contact them for any further information on (03) 9569 0603. or email us here