This program enables participants to compile photos of their Connections activities in a Photo Diary.

Session outline: 

• Clients start by sorting out a selection of photos of themselves and other group members in the different activities in which they participate.

• Photos are cut out and pasted on coloured paper.

• Each photo is then complemented by an activity icon/symbol.

• Participants arrange and paste photos and icons as they choose.

• Some participants may bring photos from home or provided by their Key Worker in family gatherings/outings

• All photos are then laminated and collated as a diary, which participants can take home at the end of each semester/year.

Outcomes for participants:

• Practice/improve motor skills (cutting/pasting photographs)

• Choice of how they want to organize their diary (colour/content/arrangement of photos).

• Allows them to work as part of a group and also support other participants (who may be unable to cut/paste)

• Reminiscing past and present activities – providing an indication of what activities they are enjoying the most.

• They enhance memory and allow an enjoyable recollection of past events.

• Provides friends, families, volunteers and staff with insight into person’s activities.

Session Times

Hosted Wednesday Afternoons, weekly.
Duration: Not Specified


Please call us on (03) 9569 0603 to confirm the cost