Leaving Allen Street

To record the significance of residents leaving congregate care and moving into supported living homes, in 2013 OC Connections engaged documentary film makers, Yarn to film this life-changing journey.

‘Leaving Allen Street’ will feature four short documentaries detailing the planning process, building the homes and finally moving to each. It will also highlight the residents’ involvement in the project and how they feel, both before and after the move.

Below you can watch part 1, part 2 and part 3.
Part one of the documentary can be viewed using the play button in the middle of the movie. To watch part two and three, use the white arrow on the right. Parts four will be completed over the next year.

Click to watch on youtube

Redevelopment movie one
Redevelopment movie two
Redevelopment movie three

A word from a neighbour

I think the greatest strength of this particular video is that it really personalises the residents and the nature of their lives. So often I think that people who have not had contact with disabled people don't really see or relate to them as actual persons. Anyone watching this would have to be moved when they see how much effort goes into helping them to realise their potential.

Anyway, thought I would let you know that I really enjoyed seeing them all doing the day to day things. I'm sure when we have our group of them as neighbours it will be to our benefit as much as theirs!

Brenda, Rockbeare neighbour