27 October 2022

With almost three years of support coordination experience, OC Connections’ Support Coordinator Foram says she has learnt to be mindful, grounded, and appreciative of every experience and its uniqueness in this time.   She believes these characteristics help her to listen to and advocate for the needs of every participant and work with them to connect them with the right service providers.

Foram says Support Coordinators are the bridge between a participant’s challenges and their capacity to build their skills for an independent life. She is proud to be that bridge

“The best part of my job is that it is person-centered. I thrive in supporting participants and focusing on building their capacity to lead a better and more fulfilled life” she says.

Foram’s experience as a Support Coordinator so far has been incredibly rewarding. Listening, understanding and overcoming an individual’s challenges comes with a great sense of achievement and personal growth. This role has not only taught Foram lots about the industry, but she has also grown tremendously as an individual. Foram says she has grown more patient, empathetic and confident when it comes to advocating for people with a disability. 

OC Connections Support Coordinators will work with each participant to connect you with the providers that best meets your needs. Support Coordinators like Foram will meet with you to discuss your goals and how we can work together to implement your NDIS plan to ensure that we are there to help you achieve and peruse your dreams and aspirations.