14 February 2022

Two people standing side by side with a tree behind. one person has their arm around the other.

Facilities Manager

As the the Facilities Manager at OC Connections, Alex oversees the repairs/maintenance to all OC Connections’ facilities. He has also managed onsite rosters and capacity requirements, plus purchasing of PPE during the pandemic.

There is never a dull moment in this role, and Alex has been kept on his toes from the moment he commenced with us in January 2020.  “Everyday there is a different challenge to deal with, which engages me mentally,” he says. He also enjoys being able to utilise the skills and experience he has gathered over many years to resolve issues that impact both staff and participants.

Alex is also the father of OCC participant, Peter, which provides an insight into OCC from both a staff and family perspective.  It is also one of the highlights of working at OC Connections, “I love bringing Peter in every morning and taking him home every afternoon. I also get to see him throughout the day,” he says.

In addition to this, Alex sees OC Connections as a friendly, safe and welcoming place to work.  “I love engaging with staff and participants in Day Support, Community Living and OCC Enterprises,” he says.

Alex also sits on the Health and Safety and Staff Consultative Committees. He volunteered for the Staff Consultative Committee to represent those staff who may not have the confidence to voice their ideas or opinions.

“Being involved in this committee helps me understand the issues related to the services OCC provides and allows me to have some input to the way things work.  I would like to contribute to the smooth running of all services provided by OCC,” says Alex.

Alex encourages all staff to approach Staff Consultative Committee members with any issues, suggestions, questions or concerns, working with the adage; “what we don’t know, we can’t resolve.”

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