30 April 2021

Volunteer Coordinator

A photo of our Volunteer Coordinator, Alana. She has long blonde hair and is standing out the front of the OCC building

Alana Roberts is OC Connections’ new Volunteer Coordinator. Alana commenced with OCC in March 2021 and has already made an impact by starting the process to bring volunteers back on-site after a tumultuous year of lockdowns, restrictions, 1:1 support and density requirements which resulted in many of our volunteer activities ceasing for a period of time.   

While many restrictions have eased, we are still required to follow the Care Directives set out by DHHS. As a result, operations are still limited in the number of people on-site at one time.  However, plans are underway to welcome volunteers back in some capacity to OCC and OCCE. Alana has been working with all OCC business areas as well as our current and new volunteers to find ways in which participants, volunteers, staff and our community can work together.

Alana holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations with a Minor in Japanese Language and has experience working at Non-For-Profit Organisations including Business Development at Zoos Victoria and Volunteer Coordination at Life Saving Victoria. Alana has also volunteered with OCC Enterprises in Business Development.

We asked Alana a few questions about her role and where she sees the future of volunteering at OC Connections.

What is your role at OC Connections?

I hold two roles at OC Connections: Volunteer Coordinator and Administration Officer for our People Learning and Culture Department. It is a good combination as both provide insight into the human resources required to support participants and our programs, as well as the support needed to ensure both our volunteers and staff are positively engaged and confident to be successful in their roles.

As a Volunteer yourself, what do you think are the most important aspects for a Volunteer program?  What have you learnt that people want from Volunteering?

As a previous OCCE Volunteer, I found interacting and getting to know participants really rewarding.    It is fulfilling to see how a small gesture from a volunteer can positively impact an individual’s day.

What are your goals for the Volunteer program?

I am aiming to expand the Volunteer Program at OCC and OCCE.  I want to find creative ways individuals can support participants while remaining Covid-Safe.  I am also exploring how corporate volunteers can create value add to our organisation.

What are you most excited about in regards to working with Volunteers and the program?

The most exciting part about my role is getting to know our volunteers.  I can’t wait to hear how their experience not only enriches the participants’ lives, but also the volunteers’ themselves.

You can find out more about our Volunteer Program here.

You can discuss our opportunities with Alana by emailing