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Meeting Nicholas Hammond 

  An article from the desk of author, Aidan McC.

I will always remember meeting Nicholas Hammond  and it was one of the most fantastic experiences I have ever had. This was my Starlight Wish come true.

Mum and I had a drive in a limo to the Regent Theatre. The Regent Theatre is one of the most beautiful theatres I have ever seen and it was fascinating going backstage. Jason Marriner, CEO of the Regent Theatre and Princess Theatre was very nice to us and gave us a great tour. Jason and Nicholas gave us lots of great information about what happens backstage to make a show successful.

Then Nicholas and Mum and I and Rachel from the Starlight Foundation went to a restaurant for Morning Tea and we were there for nearly an hour and a half.  I gave Nicholas 20 Questions to answer. Nicholas answered my questions very well and gave me a lot more information than I expected.  It was just so lovely to hear so much information from him.

Nicholas explained a lot of things about making The Sound of Music for example that in the rowboat scene he and the rest of the children and Julie had to do that scene 6 times which must have been hard. They had to get out of the water each time, get dry, and then do it all over again and Nicholas said that the water was cold.

Nicholas wasn’t interested in the song Climb Every Mountain when he was making the movie but now he loves the song and thinks it is a lovely inspirational opera song.

Nicholas thought that Amy Lehpamer was one of the best Maria’s that he has ever seen on stage and he thought that Jacqui Dark did a fantastic job as the Mother Abbess and I thought they were both  fantastic as well.

I asked him who his favorite singers were. Nicholas said that Sutton Foster is very good and I have listened to her and I agree she is fantastic.  He also likes Frank Sinatra, Anna O’Byrne, and Rod Stewart.

Nicholas said he has seen many of Julie Andrews’ movies but not The Princess Diaries.  Nicholas said that Julie Andrews is a wonderful actress.  Also Nicholas explained that Robyn Nevin loved working on My Fair Lady with Julie Andrews which was great to hear.


Nicholas explained that he did 3 months of General Hospital and an actress called Emma Samms that he worked with on the show knew about the Starlight Foundation and he said that he was going to send her a picture of me and him.  Nicholas said that she received an OBE and also he said that Emma is English and that Emma’s character’s name was Holly.

Nicholas worked on Spider-Man for two and a half years and Nicholas said that he was very proud of starring in the series.

Nicholas remembered his role in the TV Series The Defenders and that was his first ever-TV Role.

Nicholas is in a movie called The BBQ and it will be released at Christmas time. Other actors in it are Magda Szubanski, and Shane Jacobson. I am looking forward to seeing it.

Nicholas had great ideas for a holiday to Salzburg including doing a Panorama Tour and that the best way to get there is by train from Munich.

Nicholas really encouraged me to keep doing my researching and writing which was great. Also he said that he wanted to look at my Blog which was terrific so I will make sure that he will.

Nicholas Hammond is a lovely person. He put in the effort to meet me which was just incredibly fantastic.

Written by Aidan McC 8/8/17

To see the phots from the event and to ream more, please click here

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