Low Cost Meals for Seniors Program

OC Connections Enterprises is proud to announce the launch of Sydney-based cooperative Behive Industries’ live streaming of its popular Low Cost Meals for Seniors Program from our facility in Oakleigh South.

Beehive Industries’ low cost cooking program taught by Beehive Ambassador and Masterchef star Kumar Pereira, is designed to “take the unknown out of the kitchen and to provide inspiration for healthy yet cost-effective meal alternatives for seniors” according to Beehive CEO Brendan Lonergan. The initiative started with a cook book (download here) and has extended to live streaming videos (watch here). Building skills and confidence in disadvantaged older Australians encourages them  to cook simple and healthy meals which in turn improves health and well being. Barriers to cooking often include a lack of motivation through loneliness or a lack of knowledge and skill. The Low Cost Meals for Seniors Program helps address these issues head on.
Stay tuned for updates on the live streaming.

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