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Lily Rodricks wins the Alan James Award

    The Oakleigh and District Rotary Club has supported OC Connections for many years.

We are thrilled and proud to announce the winner of the Alan James Award at last night’s Oakleigh Rotary Club dinner was our own Lily Rodricks from OC Connections Enterprises. The dinner was a wonderful success.

The award is named after the club’s foundation member, Allan James. Mr James was also involved in seeing the Oakleigh Centre established in 1950. When the club looked to create vocational scholarships, Mr James was adamant that one be awarded to the Oakleigh Centre to ensure ongoing training for a staff member to further their knowledge and skills in disability services.

Accompanied by her husband and Tony Still (General Manager Independence and Employment) she gave a very passionate speech that demonstrated her commitment to furthering employment outcomes for people living with a disability.

Lily will use the scholarship to further her career and undertake professional development.

Please join us in congratulating Lily on her wonderful achievement.

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