John Barrow Man

John Barrowman in Concert

An article from the desk of author, Aidan McC.

Mum and I saw John Barrowman on Tuesday, 16 January at the Hamer Hall. It was a wonderful and beautiful show. John’s performance was just so fantastic.  He had such an Amazing, Brilliant, Magnificent Voice!

He did such a great job of all of his songs.  He sang A Thousand Years so fantastically well and also he sang ‘The Winner takes it all” very well. He sang ”I am What I am” and he did an awesome job of that.

John’s boyfriend came up on stage and they had a duet together. He talked about his TV shows Doctor Who, Torchwood and Arrow, and sang a song he had written, called “The Doctor and I”.

John was hilarious and was very funny throughout the show and gave us lots of laughs.

10 out of 10

Mum and I loved him.  We thought that he was a fabulous performer.   I would love to see him again.

I give the show a rating of 10/10.

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