Job independence has many benefits

Sandra, a supported employee at OC Connections Enterprises (OCCE) has fully embraced her second job delivering pamphlets for local real estate agent, Woodards Real Estate in Oakleigh.

In 2019, OCCE helped Sandra, make a connection with local business Woodards, who is an enthusiastic supporter of OC Connections and keen to provide this opportunity to Sandra.

Sandra says that in her new role, working together with her sister Anita and friend Michael, they deliver about 3000 pamphlets. It takes them about 10 hours to deliver this quantity, she says.

She is required to deliver in a particular area which is helpful because she gets to know the route and doesn’t need to go to places that aren't familiar to her.

They have one week to deliver the 3000 pamphlets. Fortunately, if the weather is terrible, their employer gives them extra time.

There are many benefits to the job such as getting fit, being outdoors and around people and checking out the interesting houses on her route.

It has been nice to see changes to the local houses being built and renovated. The agent is good to work for. He is flexible and gives additional time to complete our task if needed. He also pays us as soon as we complete our deliveries, which is excellent.

Sandra took on a second job because she thought it would be a great additional income that she could put towards a holiday fund.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any holidays on the horizon, but she knows that her growing holiday savings are going to be there when she is able to go on holidays again.

Sandra says she needs to be on her toes when she is working. She needs to be careful of bumpy footpaths, be aware of dogs and how to stay safe. She says that working during daylight hours and when it isn’t raining suits them best.

She is doing fewer drops due to the COVID-19 restrictions, working every eight weeks instead of every six weeks.

When the lockdown is over, Sandra looks forward to being outside again, getting regular exercise and earning money to put towards her next holiday.

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