OC Connections is a For-Cause Organisation

That means that we are not motivated by profits but by changing the world one outcome at a time.
We rely on community support to supplement the many services and programs we provide to people, and their families.

OC Participant - Your Choices

My Work

Meaningful employment is important to us all! Inspiring work opportunities provide economic security, gives us a sense of identity and belonging and encourages social interactions… Read More

My Life

Important to most of us is the opportunity to spend time with family, friends and colleagues, doing things that mean something to us. Life is made more meaningful when we spend time doing what we enjoy with people who value us for who we are… Read More

My Home

A home is so much more than four walls. At OC Connections we understand that ‘home’ means somewhere safe, a place to truly be yourself, where your individual lifestyle choices are paramount… Read More

My Holidays

At OC Connections, we offer a range of supported community-based recreation activities, leisure and holiday services. We encourage participants to seek out new activities that challenge their independence and encourages new life skills… Read More

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