Hiding Out

Hiding Out Review

An article from the desk of author, Aidan McC.

hiding outI saw the movie Hiding Out yesterday online.  The movie was released back in 1987.  Jon Cryer starred as a young man who was in hiding from dangerous people who wanted to kill him. He was hiding out in a High School and other places.

The most beautiful part of the movie is the romance in the movie between Jon’s character  Maxwell  and Annabeth Gish’s Ryan.  They just had a perfect romance. They looked so beautiful together, they had perfect chemistry and were just so terrific.

aidan's blogHiding outOne of the songs in the movie is the beautiful Crying song by Roy Orbison and KD Lang.  Both Roy and KD sang the song so beautifully.

From what I have read many critics hated the movie. But I loved it and I thought the movie with the music and the romance made it excellent.  Jon Cryer’s performance as well as Annabeth Gish’s were fantastic. My score is 7/10.

Written by Aidan McC

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