Having Our Say

Members of our Participant Advisory Group presented at Valid’s Having a Say Conference on Tuesday 5 February.

Aidan, Richard, Ben and Colin spoke on being a positive influence to others and their achievements, presenting to attendees at the Conference in Geelong.

The group was inspired to present after attending last year’s Having a Say Conference and seeing the presentation of their peers.  Supported by OC Connections Disability Educator, Tina Rouvalis, the four took to documenting their achievements and how they could be positive influences and inspirations to other people in the community.  Ben and Aidan then talked to a powerpoint presentation, while Colin and Richard introduced a video outlining their highlights for the year, which they presented at the conference.

View Ben’s powerpoint presentation

View Aidan’s powerpoint presentation

The Having a Say conference is the largest conference for people with disabilities within Australia where people have the opportunity to speak up and be respected for who they are.

All four presenters arrived home on a high and with plans to present again at the event next year.  Fellow advisory group members, Jenny and Bernadette, went along to support their friends and had such a good time, they are both planning to present next year too.

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