Having a say in geelong

Having a Say in Geelong

On 6 February representatives from the Residents Advisory Group attended the annual VALID ”Having a Say“ conference in Geelong.

The group had been looking forward to attending the conference since September last year when Bernadette (Bernie) brought it to the group’s attention at one of their regular fortnightly meetings. Six people were keen to attend even though it was going to be a big day, with plans to be on the road by 7:00 am!

The first meeting of the Residents Advisory Group for 2018 was held on 13 February and feedback from the conference was top of the Agenda. Bernie provided a summary of the day along with a copy of the program for those who did not attend. Bernie shared information about Club Mates who can support people to have holidays. She explained that they have changed their name from Oz Mates. She is getting one of their booklets sent to her. Richard reported that he had spoken to someone who wanted to build houses in Geelong and told them about OC Connections new houses and suggested that they ring us if they would like some advice.

Kathleen said that they were able to sit right at the front of the hall so they had a good view especially when the band was playing. She enjoyed the band which had singers, guitars and someone playing the flute. She also said the seats were very comfortable.

As well as the information there was a chance to get some pampering with manicures and makeup sessions also on offer.

Overall everyone said that even though it was a big day, returning home after 6:00 pm, it was well worth it and has inspired the group to be even more active next year and possibly present at the conference!

Conference costs and bus hire to get everyone down to Geelong was made possible through the contribution of funds from the 2017 Winter Appeal.

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