VEC Training with participants

Giving participants a voice

The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) visited OC Connections in September to conduct an electoral outreach session tailored to OC Connections participants.  Presented by Deb and Annabel of the VEC Education and Inclusion Team, the session included information on who can vote, what voting is and what it means, where and how you can vote and who can help if assistance is required.

The VEC acknowledges the important role service providers and carers play in enabling community members to participate in elections. They visit many organisations across the country like OC Connections and speak with staff and carers about the importance of voting, look at electoral enrolment for people with disability, and provide an overview of accessible services available during an election.

The session was a great success with all participants engaged and asking lots of questions. Most expressed an interest in attending the follow-up session. All agreed that they have the right to vote and the decision about who to vote for is entirely theirs to make without interference.

True to our brand values, empowering people to know the rights and responsibilities around voting is an important step towards ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to be heard and valued and feels accepted and included in the broader community. We look forward to ensuring any participants who wish to have their say at the next election have access to appropriate support either at the booth or via postal votes.

Who can vote?

  • People who are 18
  • People with a disability
  • People who are Australian citizens
  • People who are enrolled to vote


You tube video: Voting is for Everyone


To find out more, or to book an electoral outreach session, please contact:

VEC Education and Inclusion Team

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