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Give to our oc achieve fund today and create opportunities for people with disability to live the life they want!

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OC Connections wants to create as many possibilities as we can to bring dignity and independence to people with disability by providing them with access to supports that assist them to live independently and to actively engage in their communities

When you donate to our OC Achieve Fund you are helping people with disabilities to achieve their personal goals and live an independent and fulfilling life

Your contribution will be used to provide more opportunities outside the NDIS for OC Connections’ participants to achieve their personal goals – from assistive technology to achieve greater independence, through to support to gain employment

What is the OC Achieve Fund?

We all have goals and dreams, some small some big. By giving generously to the OC Achieve Fund you can help an individual achieve their own personal goals.

The OC Achieve Fund is a charitable fund that is solely dedicated to paying for necessary items that are not covered by the NDIS. Applications for funding are managed through the Participant committee who make the decisions about the allocation of the funding.

Underpinned by our unique Co-Achieve Model, the goal of the OC Achieve Fund is to support people with disabilities to:

  • Be heard and valued, accepted and included
  • Pursue dreams and aspirations
  • Participate in their local community in a meaningful way
  • Be supported to learn new skills and have new experiences
  • Develop a sense of purpose and belonging.

To continue to support participants we have developed new ways of doing things, employing more IT to connect with participants and run programs, providing additional learning and recreation activities in our houses and making sure all venues are safe are fully compliant with all infection control recommendations.

With your support we can provide more opportunities outside the NDIS for OCC participants to achieve their personal goals! 

How can you help?

Your financial contribution will be used to provide more opportunities outside the NDIS for OC Connections’ participants to achieve their personal goals!

Where will your contribution go?

OC Connections aims to create as many opportunities as possible to people living with a disability.

Thanks to the amazing support of people just like you, the OC Achieve fund has previously funded the purchase of:

  • Sporting equipment so that participants learn new skills, increase their health and fitness, and build the confidence to join a local club
  • iPads to improve participants education and communication
  • Purchase of art supplies and equipment
  • Equipment for participants personal use 
  • Updating of furniture in our houses
  • Support for people to access new activities and events
  • Helped our community living residents celebrate Christmas
  • Supported a participant to purchase a laptop so they could access learn to drive apps


In December 2021, OC Connections’ supported accommodation residents and day support participants were able to celebrate Christmas in style with assistance from the OC Achieve Fund. From money raised via our 2021 Winter Appeal, we were able to purchase Christmas vouchers, stockings and additional items for our houses to assist in the preparation of Christmas.

As a result, our residents were able to decorate their houses, enjoy gifts and meals together with their fellow residents and staff.

Friendship and community are a big part of life. We understand that being around people you like and who make you feel good is important. We make the most of opportunities for participants to build community and celebrate big moments and events in life, like Christmas and birthdays. This is why your donation is important – it provides opportunities for participants to celebrate and build their community.


Our supported accommodation helps people find a home, live well in their home, live with people they like, achieve goals, enjoy different activities and spend time with new people and old friends.

Participants are supported to build a community in which they belong and feel safe and respected.

Participants and staff become like family and so losing a housemate is like losing family – for both staff and residents. This year, the OC Achieve fund helped residents purchase items to build a mosaic memorial plaque for a deceased resident, as well as purchase a plant for the home’s garden.

The plaque and tree is so we can have a little space in the garden to remember our friend by.

OC Connections’ residents

Other Ways To Donate


You can call us on (03) 9569 0603 (Monday-Friday, 8.30am-5pm) to make a credit card donation.


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