OCCE footy day pic

Football Celebrations at OCCE

The team at OCC Enterprises celebrated the AFL Grand Final with a special lunch on Thursday 27 September.

The OCCE canteen was decorated in the colours of West Coast Eagles and Collingwood and participants were treated to hot dogs cooked and prepared by supported employees Elias and Mark, with help from OCCE staff.

Organised by Donna Hogan, Athena Kontonis, Greg Whitters and Lily Rodricks, the event provided a chance for all employees to socialise and break from normal routine.

According to Donna Hogan, Employee Support Officer, there is a large football culture at OCCE and you will often hear the terms “there’s always next week”, or “next year”, in the office.

OCCE was a hive of activity, with employees also celebrating the Employee of the Month awards, which were awarded to Gary (General Pack), Julian (Shrink Pack), Scott (Blister Pack) and Siriphong (Skin Pack).


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