Food Van

Food Van

On the morning of October 11, OC Connections Enterprises, the local community and commuters passing by were fortunate to have the opportunity to buy their lunch from a “Gourmet Toasties” food van. The van was staffed by several participants from OC Connections who thoroughly enjoyed the work-experience opportunity that this initiative provided.

The food van is a Catalyst Training initiative run by Prioletti Consultants. Prioletti are training partners of OC Connections who specialise in Cross-Cultural Training and provide a range of training products for the Community Services Sector.

The “Gourmet Toasties” food van was set up to support students undertaking Certificate 1 Work Education. This provided students from OC Connections Pathway-to-Employment program with the opportunity to showcase skills learned during the course alongside professionals in the hospitality industry. The day was a great success!

“It was great fun. It was also very busy there were lots of people there and I learned how to make nice sandwiches” Cassie

OC Connections would like to extend a warm thank you to Prioletti Consultants for all their effort in setting this up. We’d also like to thank the students who made us a lovely lunch and wish them all the best with their continued training!


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